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בעיה ברשומות תפוצה

לתשומת לבכם, יש בעיה במשלוח הודעות ברשימות התפוצה, עקב שינויים בשרת של IGELU. הנושא בטיפול.

להלן מכתבו של דיוויד אלן, יו"ר IGELU מה-7.8.2022

Beginning last Saturday evening, we started experiencing difficulty sending mail from our email list server.  As we began working with the provider, it became clear the previous hosting solution would not work given the current size of the ELUNA and IGeLU lists. 


We have identified a new listserv provider who deals specifically with listserv management software to get the lists migrated to that service.  The advantage to this transition is that we are moving from a US to EU based listserv provider compliant with GDPR.


It is important to note that each incoming mail message results in over 6k outbound messages.  Until the transition to the new service has been finalized, mail messages will be slowed/throttled to avoid being listed as a spam server.  Mail will be sent/received to the list in real-time, but each message (particularly on ELUNA-announce, Alma-L, primo-L and IGeLU announce) may be delayed in delivery by hours. We understand the effect this has on the community's use of the listserv functions, but we are confident the final solution will be in place later this month.


It also was identified that there was corruption in the mailman database for the month of June.  While we hope reindexing the archives may restore access to inaccessible mail, it is possible that some of this email may be lost in the transition to the new provider. We are hoping to minimize that loss through merging snapshots taken throughout June with the current production database.


We apologize for the degraded service, but hope the transition to the new listserv provider will remove the burden to our volunteer support staff, who have been working day and night to resolve these issues. Until that time, expect some delays in responding, especially when emailing larger lists such as ELUNA-Announce, IGeLU Announce, Alma-L and Primo-L. 


Finally, we want to recognize John Greer for his tireless support in identifying a solution and going through with the implementation of the improved service while also performing his day job. 


Allen Jones, Chair, Ex Libris Users of North America

David Allen, Chair, International Groups of Ex Libris Users  

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