About MELI

Goals of the organization

To represent the community of users of Ex Libris products in Israel in negotiations with the company, especially with regard to the organization and prioritizing of the lists of development requests.

To coordinate between the Users of Ex Libris products, to strengthen the bonds between them with Product Working Groups, Discussion Lists, an Internet site, and a database of internal solutions to problems.

To maintain contact with International User Groups and Product Working Groups.

Membership is open to every institution in Israel that has signed a contract for the purchase of Ex Libris products, and is interested in influencing the development of those products, and has paid the annual membership fee of 750 nis (500 nis for first year).

Membership in the organization gives the right to one vote on every matter that requires a vote; including choosing the Steering Committee members and its Chair; changes in the constitution and the laws; updating membership fees, and choosing and prioritizing development requests.

Further details are available in the constitution of the organization (in Hebrew).