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פגישה של ועדת ההיגוי וראשי קבוצות העבודה של מאל”י עם הנהלת אקס ליבריס, אפריל 2024 

    Summary of SC/PWG Chairs’ meeting with EXL management 11.4.24

    New developments:

    • Specto – Next-Gen Digital Asset Management). More details soon
    • Collecto – for Collection Analysis
    • Sinopia – enables cataloging using Linked data and BIBFRAME. Is a temporary feature until it is implemented in MD editor
    • Multilingual Basecamp – Meli requested for certain librarians to join the Basecamp so they can use their expertise to perform checks
    • Next Discovery Experience (NDE) includes: User Interface, Linked Data, Engagement Analytics, and Discovery Research Assistant
    • New EXL database for content providers to upload their data (currently there are 30 from abroad out of hundreds, no Israeli providers, in talks regarding IHP)

    Suggestions / requests:

    • Meli suggested AI for EXL documentation – EXL confirmed that they are in the midst of implementing it, although all documentation is easily accessible via Google
    • Meli requested that EXL will not delete portfolios / records when items change ownership, so patrons don’t get dead links / unavailable. Meli also requested an improvement in the documentation and notifications of such changes. EXL responded that they cannot prevent such deletions but will think about how to improve the warnings. They asked us to open cases and send more samples to examine the extent of the phenomenon


    • AI in Academia: Transforming Research and Education


    • As of early May, support will be handled by Ex Libris, led by Luda Soffer
    • Ex Libris responded to several Alma cases
    • Ex Libris said that they would check the case about incorrect Publication Dates on Alma RS form for Hebrew Newspapers that are indexed by IHP and Beit Ariella
    • All comments and updates to Meli SalesForce cases will now be sent to all PWG members via a dedicated procedure. This has been tested and confirmed to be working by the Meli PWG chairs
    • No longer necessary to add asterisks to subject of case to indicate that it is a Meli case (i.e. will be accelerated) – this is still under review
    • Ex libris are still reviewing the option for Meli to export and share cases submitted by other Israel institutions, providing that each one signs a consent agreement. Still needs to be determined if the visible cases will only be ones opened after the signing of the agreement, or also past cases. Hopefully, this will include other consortia in the future
    • EXL has SLA (Service Level Agreement) for responses, but not for resolution of cases
    • Members of EXL support staff should be able to imitate user sign-in access to library products without requesting credentials from the customer. Ex Libris will raise this idea internally
    • MFT (Managed File Transfer) is not intended for providing passwords to EXL, Ex Libris will consider simpler approachesPresentation presented by Lynne Porat and Michal Lahav